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Naruto Ending Trust

Naruto Text-Based Roleplaying Game.
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 Saito Sasori

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PostSubject: Saito Sasori   Sat Jun 27, 2009 9:41 am

Name Saito Sasori

Age 17



Apperence: like avatar


very little is known about saito other than his abilitie to manipulate his blood and use it as a weapon and the mysteris Kenan Saketsugan Doujutsu he posses his abilities in battle are unknown as none of his opponets hav every survived Saito always carries a black gourd with a red scorpion on it on his back much like gaara only the gourd is filled with scorpions which for some reason he is able to control much like gaara controls sand it is beleive he is also a jinchuriki but that is unknown due to his reclusive nature
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Saito Sasori
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